Halloween Special - Horror and delight at the Acme Halloween Special. Live on stage - Bella Donna, the temptress with a tin of baked beans up her knickers. Woddy Bop Muddy's Record Graveyard, with added riiice. The unnatural poses of Ferdinando and Sophie's reckless love of flowers. Exclusive pictures as our fresh-from-the-Acme-lab Pixie Cam is plugged in for the first time. And rabbits involved in a macabre psi experiment... but you knew that already mwhaaa whaaa ha.

July '03 - Kids. Water Pistols. Prima Donnas. Jud not quite having explained the Acme Countdown clock - or rather, the penalty of going over its five minutes. Need we go on? Well the show did, the performers - wet and otherwise - walked away saying what fun, and we've even got the proof: 98% on filis's clapometer.


May '03 - The 'Barrachus Almnac of Theatrical Jaw-Droppers' was opened, and the greatest scene ever performed was revealed at the first Acme Construction Cabaret. Not to mention, Filis discovering Radiohead, Champagne prizes and toilet roll getting everywhere. Guests included (pictures are coming...) Imogen; Dan; Films; Lou; Nial & Roddy; Mocca. From Acme there was Bingo; Filis; Organic Crystalinography; Star Prize; Bobby

Feb '03 - Filis Meadowsweet Missing! Never trustworthy at the best of times, the little ripper really got away this time. High on the excitement of a turn at the cabaret, Filis escaped the Scala and made off in a cab. A campaign was mounted: Wanted: in parts or complete. "Last seen performing at the Scala, Kings Cross - Fillis is puppet about 3 feet tall wearing black tights and matching hat and jumper... with a distinctive bulge in his pants..."

November 02 - "Jud Charlton returns with the amazing Acme Construction Company after a runaway success at the Edinburgh Festival. Who is Bobby Lopez roars back into Hoxton Hall, itís original spiritual home. Overflowing with wit and intelligence, this is a show that explodes theatrical form, combining stand-up, magic, ventriloquism and live interactive video. Storytelling for a new generation. A story that explores the rich and fascinating history of Hoxton itself. This ghost yarn informs, excites and delights in the haunting shadows of Hoxton Hall." - Hoxton Hall Listing.


August 02 - A month of late nights at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival saw Bobby reviewed [pdf, pdf] in his absence; much confusion about Edinburgh and Eddie's Bar; fans screams of 'Bobby Lopez Rocks!' somehow haunting the theatre space; Acme unveilling the now notorius PSI experiment; but most of all, the legend himself - Bobby Lopez - finally arrived unhindered and danced his dance... and the audience went wild.
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30th June 02 - A special show was put on for Bobby's recovery, at the Hen & Chickens theatre bar, London. Two ladies had other plans... (Quicktime movie)

March 02 - Bobby Lopez's debut on UK soil, Victorian music-hall Hoxton Hall hosted the legend over the Easter weekend 2002. You can see a slideshow of the occasion here. However, there was a slight accident with his new Lambourghini, 'I am in agony ...' (Quicktime movie)

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