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An hour of pure entertainment, 'Who is Bobby Lopez' is honest storytelling twisted through the vaudeville minds of Jud Charlton and the Acme Construction Company, featuring an ever evolving narrative, improvisational audio-visual wizardry, and a motley collection of characters.

In the greatest PSI experiment of the 21st century you will see Acme summoning the astonishing Bobby Lopez to the show to talk with Charlton about his communications with the disembodied spirit of W. T. Stead, the trials and tribulations of bringing up Fillis Meadow Sweet and how he came to introduce Doctor Who to the indigenous tribes of the Amazon.

2002 saw the first calls put out to Bobby, moving from the crumbling hostel to Hoxton Hall next door. This led to a crazy month at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, with the Royal Mile seeing Filis run amok in the day and Bobby being summoned to the venue for the nightly slot. A London revival rounded off the year, returning finally to Hoxton Hall. There's a five minute film from our edinburgh run, and all sorts of stuff archived on the News page.

For 2003, Acme are cabaret, cabaret, cabaret. The Acme Construction Cabaret has laid seige to Chat's Palace in Hackney, hosting an eclectic mix of London's finest poets, comedians, musicians, and dancers. Being Acme this is shaken up with our stories and shenanigans, not to mention that very naughty and definately unreal boy Fillis Meadowsweet, Who'ologist Ned Nerdzoid and maybe even the theatrical impresario himself, Bobby Lopez. Oh, and positively, absolutely hosted by Jud Charlton. And some technological tricks. And toilet roll (well, the last one at least).

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31st October 2003
Chat's Palace,

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