The Acme Construction Company is a front. The propoganda and publicity wing of the Agency exists to promote our insidious infotainment productions. To obfuscate, confuse, dazzle and mislead the flunkies of this ever watchful technocracy.

Currently, we're fascinated with the legenday Victorian newspaperman W.T. Stead; improvisational audiovisual support; and theatre spaces back-to-front .

director - jud - 07986 001767
production - el - 07960 974604
website - toby - 07974 914725

Jud Charlton
Actor, Director, Writer, Performer, Aerialist, Ventriloquist and Merchant of Astonishment. Not to mention Personal friend of Bobby Lopez.
Toby Harris
Video Artist as *spark and digital media specialist, Toby drives the live video in Bobby Lopez.
Eliot Hobell
Club, event and exhibition designer and producer with extensive experience in creating interactive, sensual environments combining artwork, set design and decoration with lighting and visuals. BA Hons Media and Production Design at LCP.
Tom Stoddart
Videographer from cruise ships to club nights, Tom is the man with the DVcam.

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